Tracks permit to work system, a new generation of safety management software, assures you that hazardous operations will be performed in a safe, controlled manner.

Tracks, safety management system

Control a work authorisation perfectly

To be successful, an operation on an industrial site benefits from the excellence of the management procedure for work authorisation. Tracks is the vector for this excellence and enables you to:

  • Adhere absolutely to the decision-making process and the authorisation for the operator, who will perform the work, involving the Site Manager or the person responsible for the activity, sub-contracting companies, etc.
  • Quickly and reliably incorporate all the information concerning the work authorisation: operators’ names, name and location of equipment, type of equipment, identified hazards, preventive measures accepted, additional permits (welding and cutting permit, diving permit, lock-out, etc.).

When a new permit to work is being created, you routinely go through a risk assessment stage, selecting the hazards linked to the operation and defining the various precautionary measures. So for each identified risk – in accordance with a risk assessment grid specific to the site and configurable in Tracks –  several preventive measures are displayed. It is compulsory for them to be taken into consideration before the work is performed.

Safety management: identification of simultaneous operations

Authorising work in the full knowledge of the specific hazards for this work is imperative but not enough. Too many incidents are due to interaction between activities.

With Tracks, you can manage simultaneous operations efficiently. With it you can see immediately if the work to be authorised is compatible with other simultaneous activities within a nearby area (respect for the workspace, possible coexistence of different types of operations or tools used).

In fact, when permits to work are added to the database, a simultaneous operations grid is generated automatically in real time to determine the work that is incompatible and should not be performed simultaneously (e.g. critical lift beside a team of painters), and show these incompatibilities.

 Assistance in the coordination of work giving better risk assessment

Tracks is your decision-making tool and adapts to your needs. It incorporates your site maps, your permit management procedures, your simultaneous operations grid, indexes your equipment lists, and adapts completely to the format of your permits.

Before work is performed, during the coordination meeting or at any other time, Tracks accurately localises all the planned operations on the site map. So you can easily see which take place in the same area and can anticipate and prevent conflicts.

For example, when two operations are simultaneous, Tracks tells you whether or not they are compatible, with the specific precautions (depending on the simultaneous operations grid), but you still have control of the operations to:

  • Carry out the two operations.
  • Block one or more operations.
  • Delay one operation and carry them out one after the other.

You have immediate access to all permits, past and present, and are assured of the traceability of each decision taken.

Tracks can provide you with detailed analysis reports (performance indicators, malfunction audit, post-incident inquiry, etc.).

 Tracks is a self-learner and also memorises the location of equipment

Tracks incorporates a database making it possible to learn, store and find the information added by operators.

For example, you can obtain detailed reports and statistics on:

  • The number of operations carried out on a single piece of equipment during the year.
  • The number of permits to work requested in comparison to the number used.