Tracks is a global, multi-lingual ISSOW management tool that is accessible anywhere and compatible with your existing computer system. It is THE solution for managing permits to work.

To supervise industrial safety, Tracks goes further

 Use in multiple languages

Industrial companies and their teams are becoming ever more international.

Tracks can be installed in several languages to meet this diversity and ensures that when the user is connected, he/she has the best conditions for understanding the processes. In safety terms, communication is the best preventive measure!

 Data within reach, any time

Tracks issow mobile sm2A work authorisation is often a document in paper format, so that signatures and written proof can be checked at any time. This is a company decision.

Tracks is able to adapt to this, whilst being a completely computerised solution which will quickly issue and close permits to work in paper format (multiple copies with barcode).

Depending on the sites, this does not in any way prevent a move towards partially doing away with paper or even aiming at zero paper. Tracks is ready.

  • Use of Tracks from an ATEX tablet giving better supervision of operations.
  • Use of mobile terminals for operator teams: data exchange in real time during work (start-up, interruption, measurement, etc.), geolocation, and so on.

 Manage additional permits

On each industrial site, work authorisations are linked to many other documents: prevention plan, lock-out, specific permits (diving, welding, X-ray inspection, etc.).

Tracks makes it possible to manage them all consistently, linking all these items to one central item, the work authorisation.

Interface with other systems (document management, maintenance, ERP, HR system, etc.)

Wanting to have a global vision is totally justified. Too often this remains at the stage of “wanting”. Why?

Solutions which seek to incorporate all the items are costly, difficult to install and complicated to explain to future users. They can also have a considerable impact on the client’s computer system. In addition, these systems struggle to deliver a totally consistent set of information to date, because there are always fields which there has not been time to teach, and their complexity makes them unreliable.

Tracks takes a radically different position which encourages operational effectiveness by, above all, seeking to respond to the concerns of users on the site.

Total communication with other systems

Even so, the Tracks system is designed to communicate and exchange with the others whilst retaining its responsiveness and reliability. Tracks can be connected to EDM (electronic document management), maintenance, planning, ERP, and human resources systems, etc.