The Tracks solution includes software, training and supplies. It is simple to use and easy to install and does not necessarily require an Internet connection. Its database is sturdy and copyright-free.

Tracks, a turnkey solution for the permit to work system

Easy to use and progressive Issow Solution

Tracks was created by professionals for professionals. It is totally adapted to users’ needs and ways of thinking. Tracks has been installed for several years on many industrial sites and is recognised for its ergonomics and ease of use.

User feedback regularly enables us to incorporate new functions to meet the highest level of requirements and challenges.

Software flexibility and customisation
for perfect adaptation to the specific characteristics of your site.

Tracks operations can be customised to improve the functioning of your work authorisation management system and your productivity.

Tracks administrators receive training to adapt or change some Tracks parameters. For example, they can modify a database or transform the software vocabulary if necessary, thus making your company independent for day-to-day tasks.

A standard user requires only half a day’s training whereas an administrator requires several days.

Safeguard access to the permit to work system

As the Industrial Safety Supervisor on your site, you are able to create groups of users whose roles and privileges for the creation, validation and modification of permits to work are predetermined.

Each user has a specific Tracks account (protected by a login and password). The administrator gives each user specific rights and responsibilities depending on his/her authorisation on the site.

In this way sensitive information is protected as only authorised users have access to it.

Tracks is able to manage an unlimited number of permits to work and users.

Concentrate on the essentials

An accelerated procedure for processing work authorisations in order to concentrate on the essentials: hazard analysis and the decision to authorise the work.

Companies often contact us because they have a secured procedure that is very cumbersome to use (time spent by users, numerous forms and documents, decisions that are numerous and too slow, decision-making process often short-circuited, poor communication within teams, etc.).

After Tracks has been chosen, things improve very distinctly (faster entry of information, alerts for people who must validate, decision-making process made more reliable with compulsory validation, access to information required by each person, anywhere at any time).