Standard safety management software makes it possible to prepare permits to work and manage the associated risk, but it does not incorporate simultaneous operations management as well, or the risk analysis resulting from this management.

Tracks software manages and predicts incompatible work in SIMOPS!

Tracks is one of the only software applications in the world capable of managing and predicting incompatible work in the conduct of your ongoing or future production and maintenance operations.

So you hold all the cards for authorising, delaying or suspending an operation.

This management takes place using a permit to work system which will:

  • Make each operator aware of the hazards to which he/she is exposed during the intervention.
  • Set up and illustrate a chain of responsibility.
  • Prepare the work by analysing the risks so that they are completely controlled.
  • Supervise operations.
  • Provide traceability for operations.
  • Enable operations to be better coordinated.

 Tracks supports you in risk management and assists you in taking crucial decisions.

The increased productivity on your industrial site is seen in:

  • A reduction in the number of accidents and their direct (production shutdown, investigations, loss of equipment, repair costs, replacement, etc.) and indirect (Lost Time Incident, staff on sick leave following an injury, environmental damage, etc.) consequences.
  • A reduction in the time required to produce your permits to work due, amongst other things, to the search and duplication/continuation of permits function and to the auto-complete functions.
  • Better risk management at source.
  • Continuous improvement in safety performance by incorporating good practice.
  • Reliability of the computer system as a complement to human analysis.
In Europe, the law requires risk management to be taken into account before the implementation of any work authorisation.