Very often, poorly assessed major industrial risks have serious, immediate consequences for your staff, your plants, your equipment, neighbouring populations or the environment, as well as for your performance and productivity.

Risk and HSE management

Are you an industrial company providing production, maintenance or occasional work (re-vamping, new work, etc.)? Do you find you are confronted with the following problems too often?

  • Major industrial risks: an accident may have consequences affecting the site and also its direct and indirect environment.
  • Major SIMOPS (simultaneous operations) due to the number of operators, the number of simultaneous operations, the cramped nature of the workspace, etc.
  • Difficult traceability (Quality Management).
  • Complicated safety supervision, in several places on a site at the same time or even on several sites.


When you give a work authorisation, are you sure that:

  • All the risks have been identified, considered and taken into account so that they are managed?
  • All the players have taken the time to discuss the simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), rather than mechanically filling in forms without really analysing the situation?
  • The operators have been made aware of the hazards of the work they must carry out?

The consequences of unsuitable management of permits to work are not only human, but also financial (production shutdown, loss of equipment, repair costs, replacement of equipment, etc.) and often amount to hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of Euros being lost.

Added to this are many hours spent by the teams in sustaining and nurturing a permit to work system which can sometimes be laborious, time-consuming and not sufficiently efficient.

Tracks ISSOW Control


With the Tracks system, HSE software, you safeguard your operations in the project and maintenance phases effectively.

Safety management software to assist you in the management of simultaneous operations:

  • You manage your permits to work and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) in real time on your industrial platform.
  • You optimise accident prevention and save time without neglecting your site’s safety. At any time you are able to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of the safety measures for your site.
  • You increase productivity and improve your safety performance.
In Europe, the law requires risk management to be taken into account before the implementation of any work authorisation.