Risk assessment is a key element in managing work permits on industrial sites. Tracks - safety management software - analyses your simultaneous operations in real time and assesses all your safety, time, and production constraints at the same time to enable you to make the right choices.
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Key features

Tracks helps you identify the hazards linked to an operation

risk analysis

For each type of operation selected, Tracks pre-identifies the associated risks and recommends preventive measures, so that you can validate the work authorisation or not.

Risk assessment and assistance with work coordination

risk scoring

Tracks measures and maps all the selected operations depending upon the associated hazards. It helps you define priorities by recommending that you increase preventive measures or reject the work authorisation.

Simultaneous operations management

analysis of concurrent operations

Tracks determines which work authorisations cannot be launched simultaneously, while taking into account their nature, planning and location. It alerts you immediately when the safety of the industrial processes is no longer guaranteed.

About Us

Trying to manage Permit to work, operationnal sécurity or simops ? TracKs is the software to use !

Nerya is specialized in software for industry. Based on specific and strong knowledge in operationnal maintenance, Nerya made TracKs and propeled it as a leader of the segment.

TracKs is a pragmatic software wich is daily prooving his relaibility and his power since 2005 on complexe industrials sites which are dealing with high security and yield standards. This tool is often improved by our teams to federate maintenance, production, security and planification operators to make everybody concerned by security.

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